• Our current ideas on education (see below for resources that helped shape our beliefs) are flexible and do not reject current teaching strategies, but rather seek to broaden the horizons of education and allow for […]

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    Comprehensive notes and summary of the recently held Meeting of Minds from the 18th to the 22nd of December 2011 are now available for download:

    First Annual Meeting of Minds Report First Annual Meeting of Minds Report
    The First Annual Meeting of Minds was held at Dairyville, NSW from 18 December, 2011 to 22 December, 2011.
    People in attendence convened to discuss the early…

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    ThumbnailComing Soon: Report and summaries from the Inaugural Meeting of the Minds, held at the end of 2011. Expect details within the next week!

    Also, bank account and membership details (including fee payments and […]

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