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A Shared Vision Process


- "Defining the problem is half the solution."
A clear and concise expression of the issue to be discussed.

* What are we trying to achieve and why?
* What are the potential challenges to be resolved?
* Do we need to gather more information before discussion?

Present and communicate the issue and its aspects in a clear and
easily understood format. Take the time to do it right and you won't
have to repeat yourself or risk confusing the issues.


- "Every challenge or conflict is a creative opportunity."
An open forum for sharing of ideas, perspectives and possibilities.

* What are the priority or most important aspects that need to be resolved?
* What are the side issues or secondary aspects we need to consider?

Ideas vs Innovation - do we need new ideas or can we adapt existing ones?
Open Expression - everyone has the right to give input and feel heard
Different Considerations - we all may see things that others may not
Fresh Perspectives - sometimes we need outside or expert advice
Brainstorming Options - there's more than one way to paint a canvas

Decision Making

A considered and balanced weighing of the available possibilities.

* What are the best options that will address the important issues?
* What are the best options that will address the side issues?
* What is the timeframe to be considered for making the decision?

Putting it Together - often the best solution will combine part of a few options
Can we agree on a solution, or a working or temporary solution?
Or do we need to give it more time to see if there are further options?

Stuck? Pros and Cons of Presented Options - Decision grids can really work!
Still stuck? Time to seek further advice or take a break from the process?


Putting the decision into action in a practical effective way.

* Is there a simple way we can describe the resolution?
* Do we need to document this solution in writing? Who does it?
* Do we need to deliver the soluton to those involved? If so how?

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