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The above is an informational map based on the elements to provide ease of access to various areas of interest and learning. Topic overviews and resources for each section will be added and expanded over time to provide an organized study portal open to everyone.


Our Mission

The mission of Elemental Education is to provide an open source replicable model for sustainable community living founded on an innovative education system.

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Community Design

A main aim of the project is to combine of the principles outlined in the elemental structure - Sustainability, Wellbeing, Creativity, and Education - in the planning and building of an ecovillage-style sustainable community, with the intention to provide practical education and training in these and many other areas.

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Your Contribution

Elemental Education is a not-for-profit association that relies on the efforts of its volunteers to envision and enact a group plan for a better future. It is an ambitious task, and we welcome your involvement. We ask that you take a moment to consider: "What kind of input would YOU would like to put into the future of education and the global community?"

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Invest in the Future

Whether you have money to invest or know of someone who does, we'd like to hear from you. We're developing an innovative ethical investment model so you can invest directly into the building of sustainable communities through land acquirement and receive annual returns via resident contributions.

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