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A Shared Vision Process Definition - "Defining the problem is half the solution." A clear and concise expression of the issue to be discussed. * What are we trying to achieve and why? * What are the potential challenges to be resolved? * Do we need to gather more information before discussion? Present and communicate the full article...


Member Guidelines And Ethics

Individuals who wish to be part of the organization should at the very least respect and uphold the following values which constitute the fundamental ethical guidelines under which we will operate. As a member of this organization, one agrees to: Strive to maintatina a completely chemical free agricultural and construction process. Recognize the interconnectedness of the full article...


Model Vision

We believe that the current education system fails to educate people in a holistic manner, and instead imposes a mould which the majority of the population do not fit into. In the long term, we hope that this program will act as a prototype for demonstrating the effectiveness of a holistic and student-led education system the full article...


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